The product that got us into the wheat and gluten free, non GMO market place was our Hol Grain Brown Rice Crackers. We bought the cracker company from a company in Chicago, IL and moved all the machinery down to our South Louisiana Rice Mill. Took 9 trailer loads to get it all moved.

Over the 20 odd years that we have been making Hol Grain Brown Rice Crackers we have improved on their crispness, innovated new packaging and added some additional flavors.

Truth be told, the original Light Salt and No Salt varieties are still the best sellers by far.

Our crackers are not for everyone. Folks who like highly salted, cheesy types of crackers will find our Hol Grain Crackers a little bland.

The only ingredient in our crackers are brown rice. The Light Salt has a little salt added, that’s it.

We think our crackers are great. They carry flavors of spreads or cheeses or pepper jelly sauces beautifully. They do not overpower whatever condiment you may add to them. We have had several wine Sommeliers tell us they use our Hol Grain Crackers to clean their pallets as they taste various different wines.

I don’t know about the wine thing as fancy wines are kind of lost on me, but I do know what tastes good, is healthy and pure and that is our Hol Grain Brown Rice Crackers.

We have these Crackers in several Whole Foods divisions, Publix stores and a bunch of really great Independent Natural Store Retailers.


Mike Davis
Conrad Rice Mill, Inc.